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Case Study

Dugout Mugs converted more paid traffic and drove a 28.5x ROI with Emotive

Tampa, FL
in sales, first 6 months
welcome series conversion rate

“Anytime that I'm having conversations with business owners and they're looking to generate more profitable revenue, the first thing I ask is are you sending out SMS campaigns? Are you capturing people's phone numbers? And if the answer to that is no, then I think it's a huge mistake. When you actually look at the open rate of text messages, the click through rate of text messages, it's a no brainer that you should be doing SMS campaigns.”

Randall Thompson


Before joining Emotive, Randall and his team at Dugout Mugs were looking for a more effective way of nurturing and converting costly paid advertising traffic. With a unique product offering, many website visitors were not ready to convert on their first visit, which led to lower effectiveness of their campaigns.


With Emotive, Dugout Mugs was able to capture their prospects’ cell phone numbers in an overlay and incentivize them to purchase using a discount code sent over text. This shift allowed them to convert a significant amount of their traffic into sales.


Dugout Mugs is on track to drive over $700K in sales from SMS in their first year with Emotive and has seen a 28.5X ROI to date. SMS has quickly become Dugout Mugs’ most efficient sales channel and has enhanced their other marketing efforts significantly.

About Dugout Mugs

Dugout Mugs™ are baseball bat drinking mugs! Their bat mugs were created for one reason, and one reason ONLY… Give baseball fans, baseball players, and baseball parents a new & awesome way to enjoy the game they love so much!

Through dedication, hard work, and having the most incredible customers, Dugout Mugs™ are quickly becoming one of the most popular gift ideas for baseball fans! They are great for Coaches Gifts, Father's Day Gifts, Christmas Gifts, Wedding Gifts, Baseball Player Gifts, and more!